DevCon is right based organization and acknowledges the right to quality education for all. Education is DevCon’s core program area. Essentially, organization has expertise and vast experience on various models of primary education-ranging from informal education, accelerated learning courses, early child education and formal education. Peculiarly, socially excluded, poor, working children in rural areas of Sindh comprise cross-cutting target group of Educational Interventions of DevCon. Organization designs its education interventions through systematic approach and contextualizes program strategy accordingly.

Key Features and achievements of Education Program

DevCon has build capacity of 400 teachers on Child Friendly Teaching Methodologies in 150 government primary schools. Similarly, School Management Committees’ were capacitated in these schools to contribute in transforming these schools into child friendly schools.

Likewise, DevCon established 73 second shift schools for working children and provided all required support in terms of hiring teachers, building their capacity, providing learning toolkits/accelerated course books to students etc. 2800 working children acquired 5th grade competencies from 2nd shift schools. After two years of accelerated learning program these children were mainstreamed into government schools. Moreover, through advocacy with Education Department DevCon upgraded 5 Girls Primary Schools to Middle Schools. These schools are providing middle education to more than 548 girls in Sanghar.

Under different literacy initiatives in Badin, DevCon established centers to provide functional literacy and life skills to 100 working children and Families. In addition, DevCon provided non-formal primary education to 300 working children girls, 10 female teachers located in 10 villages of Badin District. Furthermore, DevCon is providing early child education to 1157 children in Badin as well.

DevCon is managing, supervising and monitoring 77 government schools scattered in adjacent Tehsil of District Khairpur, Ghotki and Sukkur, in partnership with corporate giant OMV. There are 4230 students acquiring primary education in these schools. In targeted Schools DevCon has build capacity of 120 teachers to enhance their pedagogical skills. On similar lines, DevCon has been managing 25 Rural Based community Schools, accommodating 1500 student, 50 teachers deployed in Two Tehsil of District Sanghar in partnership with Sindh Education Foundation Government of Sindh.

DevCon has developed various accelerated and multi-grade modules in local languages to support students and communities.

In 2013, DevCon conducted Education Budget Analysis of five Districts in Sindh. Organization is building its advocacy campaign around findings of this research.

DevCon in collaboration with UNOCH restored educational activities in 54 IDP occupied schools through Renovation and Community Mobilization in Taluka Johi, District Dadu, and Sindh Province. The intervention restored the educational activities of 3,620 girls, 6,473 boys, 40 female teachers and 270 male teachers. DevCon build teachers’ capacity on class room management skills etc.


Major Events

Global Hand Washing Day Celebration

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Global Hand washing day is a way to support a global and local culture of hand washing with soap and raise awareness about the benefits of hand washing with soap. Since 2010, Global Hand washing Day has been celebrated annually on October 15 by DevCon to promote healthy practice in school aged children (School going and out of School), teachers and families.

Washing Save Lives

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Millions of children under the age of 5 years die from diarrheal diseases and pneumonia, the top two killers of young children around the world.

Hand washing is not only simple and inexpensive, but remarkably, hand washing with soap can dramatically cut the number of young children who get sick.

Hand washing with soap could prevent about 1 out of every 3 episodes of diarrheal illnesses and almost 1 out of 6 episodes of respiratory infection like pneumonia.