Child Protection

Sindh is hub of agro-industrial economy. Children form a low cost labor force to cater human resource needs, depriving children from their fundamental rights. There is lack of protective/preventive legislation in Sindh. DevCon being right based organization recognizes children rights at the core of organizational ethos… Read More



Economic Empowerment

Nation thrives when people have equitable economic opportunities, fair distribution of economic resources irrespective of caste and gender. DevCon’s EE approach reflects that Building economically a viable society, economic empowerment of women, youth and adolescents is vital to ensure their mainstreaming in… Read More




DevCon is right based organization and acknowledges the right to quality education for all. Education is DevCon’s core program area. Essentially, organization has expertise and vast experience on various models of primary education-ranging from informal education, accelerated learning courses, early child… Read More




DevCon is taking changing global environment as emerging threat to social, economical and ecological lives of poor communities, women and children in particular. DevCon believes to empower community through capacity building of communities to setup indigenous community based disaster preparedness response… Read More




DevCon believes that nations thrive in democratic systems where un parallel justice system, effective administration, equitable distribution of economic resources, access to basic amenities of life take priority in government agenda. Right political approach combined with pro-active administration, transparency and… Read More




Quality Health is essential component of DevCon’s overall development programs with key focus on Mother, Newborn and Child Health. DevCon follows holistic approach i-e capacity building of Health Care Providers, contributes in Health System Strengthening, up gradation and refurbishment of health facilities… Read More