CHAON CBOs Launch Deworming Campaign In Sanghar

Parasitic worms are one of the reasons why so many children in Sanghar are suffering from poor health.

Let There Be Light

Rabia (11) works at one of the cotton fields in and around Manthar Wasan, a village of approximately 2000 people in Sanghar.

An LHW Contributes To Reduce Mortality In Jhole

Drawing aside an unraveling jute curtain hanging over the entrance gate, Naseem step in and is greeted by a group of 15 pregnant.

Govt: Boys Primary School Block One (IQRA) Johi, District Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan

To improve Quality MNCH services through raising aware-ness, building capacity and developing synergies between service providers and commun-ities for better access to quality MNCH services.

New Hopes Sun Rise

Village Manik Jamali /Jat is located in Taluka Thul U/C Garhi Hassan with population of 151 HH. This village established in 1919 where Jamali tribe settles in majority and saraiki is their commonly spoken langue.

Knowledge Is Treasure

My stimulation to provide better learning opportunity to my own children embed in inaccessibility of education facilities at arid zone locally known Kachho wherefrom my family belongs originally where my elders could not avail it.

Back On Track Through A 2nd Shift School

Osamas’ story shows us as to how it is difficult for a child to combat with post trauma distress syndromes and how 2nd shift schools have contributed to restoring learning for hundreds of children like him.

Cared And Cured, Ayaz Returns To Ravtyani

A landscape of deep poverty and a series of thatched homes (which seemed almost pre-historic) greeted us while we landed at the threshold of the house of Mohammad Bux Mallah in Ravtyani to meet Ayaz, his 12 year son who has undergone a traumatic kidney operation.

Back To School

The realities of disability are alarming in all Union Councils of Sanghar. Depending on how disability is defined, figures in CHAON Situation Analysis (2010) estimate that approximately 0.25 million people experience some form of disability in the district.

CHAON launches Study Center and Child Corner in Jhole, Sanghar

Saba Marri is a 13 years old girl from Jhole and today at 11: 30 noon, she is required to deliver a speech at the launching cerem-ony of a library at the town. This library is in fact a Child Study Center with first ever Child Corner, established by Jhole Welfare and Development Organ-ization (JWDO) with key financial, conceptual and mobilization assi-stance from CHAON.

Zeeshan Ahmeds’ Road Map To The Future Of Khadro

Mohammad Zeeshan (11) is a student of class VI at govern-ment boys’ primary school Khadro and leads a vibrant cadre of 20 members Child Club (children volunteers from comm-unity) which has played a key role in reducing incidents of child rights abuse, negligence and violence in this village.


Engaging community volunteers and activists has proven to be the best way a response can be launched at the community level.

Muneeba: A Symbol of Resilience In Chak 10

Once a month, about 20 teen aged girls congregate at Arrain Jatt Tanzeem Child Club in Chak 10 to discuss the challenges they face in life. Besides sharing similar experiences, these children have one thing that makes them bond with each other and belong together-Child Labor. Muneeba is one of them.

Linking Young Volunteers With Protection Unit

Though, Convention on Rights of Children clearly states that all children have the right to life and Governments should ensure children survive and develop healthily (article 6), yet millions of children in Pakistan are at risk of physical violence, sexual abuse and exploitation.